Hi, we're the Madison Skatepark Fund

It is our mission to bring the first public skateboard park to the city of Madison.

Currently, the only legal place to ride a skateboard in Madison is on a side walk in a residential area. Although, it might be unintentional, the City of Madison has alienated hundreds of skateboarders by criminalizing a perfectly reasonable outdoor activity, skateboarding. Stoughton, Sun Prairie, Verona, Waunakee, Lake Delton, Mt. Horeb, and Middleton are a few of the towns surrounding Madison that have created legal facilities for their riders.

A well designed and centrally located skatepark alleviates many of the nuisance issues associated with skateboarding. Skateparks relieve skateboarding wear and tear on public areas, they gather youths in one place, and they are facilities that are well used on any day of the week. Some public skateparks report 50 to 100 users at any park at anytime, during any day! Compared to other athletic facilities that lay dormant most of the time.

Madison skateboarders deserve to have a safe and legal place to practice their sport. There are more than 2,000 public skate parks across the country, more than five times as many as in 1996. The need is here and the time for Madison's first public skatepark is now!

What People Are Saying...

Paul Soglin Supports Madison Skatepark Fund"I am committed to the Central Park Project and the dedication of the 'triangle' as the future home for the Madison Skatepark, to serve the needs of the skateboarding community."

Paul Soglin Mayor, City of Madison